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Designers Speak® – Across the Ditch 2023

Great design can flow both ways across the ditch. Designers Speak® — Across the Ditch is a collaborative event with the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) and Toi Manahau Designers Institute of New Zealand.

Paul Fuog - U-P and Dominic Hofstede - Mucho


Dominic Hofstede

From here, to there.

Refreshing the identity of one of Australia’s most storied art museums. A yarn about Mongrel Modernism, Margaret Preston and midwifery.

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Paul Fuog

Alternate States
In this talk, Paul will discuss the studio’s ongoing methodology for creating work that explores the interplay of opposing states. The focus will be centered on a number of spectrums: Amateur - Professional, Familiar - unfamiliar, Ordinary - extraordinary, Past - Future and Physical - digital.

He'll examine how through thinking about work as being plotted on a spectrum, U-P seek to find relationships between things that at first might seem disconnected.

This presentation will aim to show how both U-P's commercial and autonomous work is a continued inquiry into how they can make connections - between things, time and people.

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