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Design Law — Hamilton, Getting Paid & Keeping Your Shirt

Protecting all stages of a studio's development - starting up your business, employing people or negotiating a client contract.

Getting Paid
Steps that can be taken to maximise prospects of getting paid for immediate work (including relevant terms of trade, deposits, personal guarantees, and taking/registering supplier security interests on the PPSR.

Steps that can be taken to preserve and secure intellectual property rights for future financial benefit (ie steps to enable the future commercialisation/sale of valuable IP rights).

Keeping Your Shirt
Trading risks faced by sole traders, company directors and employees including claims under the Fair Trading Act;
Steps that can be taken to reduce trading risks (including disclaimers, limitations, no-reliance clauses and other contractual methods of allocating risk)

The Long Tail of Liability Insurance
Just when you thought "that job" was finished.... understanding the future exposure you face from your past advice and design

James Carnie - Clendons
Richard Penberthy - Penberthy Insurance Brokers
Harvey Kerr - Auckland Insurance