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Dale Herigstad — A Brief History of Motion Graphics

Spielberg, BMW, Microsoft, SONY, Mercedes, Tom Cruise, U2, Corvette, Intel, BBC and NBC.

TALK TOPIC: A Brief History of Motion Graphics

Coinciding with the beginning of the computer graphics movement in media, Dale's career in motion design begin in the late 1970's. This was the time when the industry transitioned from film and analogue to digital. The evolution of the Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) can provide us with lessons to where we are today, and where we are going in the future. Here Dale will look at a number of projects along the path of development of motion graphics. This talk will examine how this area of design has changed, and certainly how we design motion graphics today.

Dale Herigstad

Dale Herigstad is a leading expert in Advanced Interface Systems and Future Interaction. His services are required by leading companies such as BMW, Microsoft, SONY, Panasonic, Intel, BBC, NBC, EA Games, EA Sports, Time Warner, Prime Sense and many others. He has been advisor to Steven Spielberg on Future Digital Experiences that first appeared in the blockbuster movie with Tom Cruise, ‘Minority Report’.

In addition to this, he has been producing videos and commercials for clients such U2, Mercedes, Tiffany, Pontiac, Corvette, and Sky TV. In recognition for his achievements, Dale has been awarded numerous Broadcasting and TV awards, including four Emmy Awards - three for Design and Technical Achievement and one for Leadership in Interactive Television, and he is the Winner of the Inaugural Interactive Emmy Award.