DINZ Check-In - Truestock - May

As part of our partnership with Truestock, we will be showcasing some of their talented contributors from across Aotearoa.

Truestock works with over 100 talented photographers & videographers creating fresh new authentic Aotearoa stock content (and also create custom photoshoots).

Jeremy is a professional creative based in Auckland with over 15 years’ experience working with national and international clients. His passion for capturing imagery of Aotearoa and the beautiful people that live here is evident in his Truestock portfolio - from serene landscapes and urban living, to candid moments at home.

Living in majestic Mackenzie in the South Island, Bev is a versatile photographer who captures people, weddings, families, property, commercial and landscapes. Her location provides so many opportunities to capture rural life, stunning landscapes and people working in the environment.

Vaughan specialises in international and lifestyle photography, and has extensive campaign experience. He produces cinematic images for global productions, corporations and advertising campaigns – and now Truestock. Based in Queenstown, Vaughan’s background photographing the action and lifestyle of winter snow athletes is evident in his portfolio:

For stock

For custom productions