DINZ. Check-In - Truestock - April

As part of our partnership with Truestock, we will be showcasing some of their talented contributors from across Aotearoa.

Truestock works with over 100 talented photographers & videographers creating fresh new authentic Aotearoa stock content (and also create custom photoshoots).

James has a background in film and has spent the past two decades exploring various visual mediums including cinematography and photography. He is a co-owner of The Hood and Co production company in Auckland and has a talent for both landscape and people imagery, cultivating a natural, personable style that is reflected in his large Truestock portfolio of photos and videos.

Spid is a multi-award winning photographer who was largely self-taught until attending art school in London in 1992. When he moved back to New Zealand he won a study grant from the Ronald Woolf Memorial Trust and went on to study graphic and photographic design. He loves theatrical subjects, is always seeking something different, and has an eye for capturing life’s classic moments.

Todd has travelled the world as a photographer and has developed the fine art of skilfully reading and responding to dynamic environments. From reportage-style photography to fulfilling a complex technical brief, storytelling is at the heart of his discipline. He is most at home focussing on tourism, lifestyle, food and portrait imagery.

For stock

For custom productions