Comfi Champions Our Community

 Vicki and Susie’s Comfi journey began from being great friends to business partners and how their mission has become their joint-seventh lovechild – ninth if you include husbands!

During the first lockdown we shared our terrible experiences trying to buy mattresses for our teenagers.

We couldn’t understand why it was so difficult to find well-priced, great quality, locally made beds online. We decided to dream big and fill this gap with NZ made luxurious super ‘comfi’ and supportive mattresses. Also, the whole retail experience of buying mattresses seemed so archaic. Testing 12 different models at big retail stores for many isn’t doable.

We thought there must be a better way.

Think of every pain point when it comes to buying a new bed and Comfi has addressed these. We are passionate supporters of NZ made products and source our wool directly from our farmers in Taupo.

We pay them a premium for their strong wool so a win win for all.

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