Buster Caldwell, Wonder Group Talks About Design & Hospitality In Pōneke

A Case Study: A Haven of Hospitality & Design in Wellington Pōneke

Buster Caldwell, Wonder Group’s Creative Director, reminisces about his first encounter with the old Kisa during his days as an industrial design student at Massey University.

A space that invites diners to linger, savouring not only the flavours of the Middle East but also the ambiance of authenticity and warmth.

In the heart of Cuba Street, Wellington's vibrant cultural hub, lies a culinary gem that delights with the essence of Middle Eastern hospitality. Kisa, once a modest pop-up venture, has now found its permanent abode in the heritage listed building, earning Wonder Group a Silver for Spatial – Hospitality at the 2023 Best Awards.

It was a space that had undergone various incarnations, from a comedy bar to a pop-up thrift market, adorned with moth-eaten curtains and an eclectic mix of textures. “A proper dive bar, in the most honest sense” says Caldwell.

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