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The Design of the Startup series was videoed and provides a unique first-hand account from New Zealand design companies and their experiences working with StartUps.

In the quest to define value, designers and StartUps often find themselves asking the same question: What problem are we solving?

This shared understanding makes sense – design thinking and doing are actually baked into the DNA of StartUps.

VIDEO with presentation follows:

Finding the Enemy
Ben Reid PDINZ

Ben Reid PDINZ

According to Ben Reid, one of the greatest tools for successful branding is to "define your enemy". From a narrative perspective this helps create tension, it sets you as a confident voice with clearly defined values and taps into the emotions of those who share them. As an example of this ethos in action, he went on to unveil Resolv, a soon-to-be-launched cleaning product whose main enemy was “dirty” both in the literal sense but also in its wider connotation of dirty, unsustainable, single use plastics. He explained how his studio used the ‘enemy’ as the underlying design premise for a new brand.

Thank you to Warren & Mahoney for the venue 

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When the opportunity arises, DINZ interviews leading designers from here and overseas. These interviews seek to dig beneath the surface to address the common and uncommon challenges, problems and opportunities the design community faces.