Upcoming Events — 2023

Revealing the ways in which exceptional design changes behaviour, maximises impact and delivers an undeniable value to people, the environment and organisations.

This Value of Design Speaker Series will see eminent local and international industry leaders shine a light on the ways in which design adds value to organisations and the people, families and communities they serve.

Design enhances the physical and digital worlds, and dramatically changes the way communities, families and individuals feel, think and act.

Along with partners, DINZ was part of a collaboration that conducted research into the substantial contribution of the design sector to the New Zealand economy. The first ever attempt to put an economic value on design in New Zealand, the 2017 report details a highly skilled, creative, knowledge intensive sector which added an estimated $10.1b (4.2% of GDP) to New Zealand’s gross domestic product.

The Value of Design Speaker Series will revisit this research with a current outlook, critiquing the role design has played in magnifying essential value to the New Zealand economy, and seek to answer:

How does design deliver different types of value?
How do we measure the impact of what we design?
How do we story-tell this value?
How do we ensure continuous investment into design?

Watch this space, more details to come soon.