Upcoming Events — 2024

Whakamana Tangata, one of Toi Manahau Designers Institute four pou, is to uplift our community and create a safe place to share knowledge, all so we can continuously improve our craft for the betterment of Aotearoa New Zealand. Designers are in a time of rapid innovation, where studios and clients are all navigating new areas that are driving change.

For this edition of Talk to Me – Challenge Me we have identified three key opportunities that are shaping our future.

We'll be exploring how design can make a positive impact across the following topics:

- How we can guide and champion design for the betterment of our environment.
- How we can design for the betterment of our culture through an authentic journey with Te   Ao Māori.
- How we can innovate through better understanding of AI

Talk To Me – Challenge Me will feature mentors talking to these pivotal topics shaping our industry today. With thought-provoking discussions and actionable insights, Talk to Me - Challenge Me is a chance to come together as designers, share in a safe place, be curious, and explore new ways to make change for Aotearoa New Zealand, today.