Upcoming Events — 2019

Design Thinkers 2019 — One Day Workshop

A high-energy Design Thinking workshop is coming soon to Auckland.

This event is brought to you by DesignThinkers Group New Zealand.

This high energy workshop will give you a basic understanding of the Design Thinking principles, key tools and terminology and how they can be applied to Customer Experience and drive organisational change.

This is a ‘Learning by Doing’ workshop and the day includes:

– A Short and interactive introduction to Design Thinking for
    Customer Experience
– Main ‘schools of thought’ within Design Thinking
– Stakeholder Mapping
– Developing Design Personas
– Customer Journey Mapping
– Reframing a Challenge
– Ideation Techniques
– Creating Service Scenarios
– Rapid Prototyping

Organised by local DINZ members in partnership with globally recognised leaders in design thinking, DesignThinkers Group, these workshops are being offered to all DINZ members at discounted prices.

This specially customised and formulated workshop will be run by respected local and international hosts who help businesses adopt the Design Thinking process to gain a competitive edge.

Includes all resources, food and beverages. Just bring your brain!