Emerging Designer Study Tour 2024

Left to right: Imogen McIntrye; Josh Thomas; Hollie Riddell

Having been a tutor at Massey University and an industrial designer, Bruce Woods, FDINZ, knew the value of our emerging talent and their place in our future.

Through the Emerging Designer Study Tour, Bruce felt that by creating an experience that would enrich and connect into global networks it would deepen the aspiration for our young talent to design positive impact for the betterment for people and the  environment.

His generosity has supported three Best Design Awards 2023 industrial design Gold Pin graduates to London for five days - departing 18th May.

Hollie Riddell & Imogen McIntyre, graduates from AUT; Josh Thomas, graduate of Massey; 

The Study Tour will visit the Clerkenwell Design Week & D&AD Festival.

The Study Tour team are also privileged to meet with Joseph JosephPentagram, and Morgan Furniture.

The team will document their experience as D.Casts, social posts via DINZ and participate in a No Borders event later in the year.

I'm Hollie Riddell, an avid creator and innovator driven by a relentless desire to challenge the status quo. With a Master's in Industrial Design under my belt, I transitioned into a Product Development role at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, where I've contributed to impactful projects and gained invaluable experience in R&D and human-centred design.

It's incredibly humbling to see my dedication recognised through accolades like the prestigious Best Design Awards, which honoured my project "Grounded: A Sole for Nature".

As a by-product of this award, I'm thrilled to be selected for the Emerging Designers Study Tour. This opportunity will immerse me in the global design community, where I can collaborate with industry leaders and further refine my craft.

I'm excited to continue pushing boundaries and making a positive impact through my work.

Understanding the needs of others and finding innovative methods to address them has always been very fulfilling to me; when facing a problem my thoughts dart to creative strategies and possible conclusions.

Design for me, is centred around the things I appreciate most: people, the planet and originality. I am always up for a deep dive into an issue that needs resolving.

Following outstanding results in my school exams, I entered university early to study industrial design and sustainable practice. In New Zealand’s 2023 Best Awards, I was awarded a gold pin for my university capstone project “Hugg”—a sensory hat that helps children struggling with sensory overload healthily navigate stress.

From this trip, I aim to gain insight and familiarity with industry practices and create connections with the design community in the UK. I would also like to build an understanding of how perspectives in the UK contrast with the way of thinking in Aotearoa.

With a rural background in farming and viticulture, coupled with experience in industrial design consultancy at 4Design and a tech startup, I bring a unique skill set and passion for innovation to the table.

When I'm not designing, I'm an avid surfer, rugby player and mountain biker.

I have a degree in Industrial Design with first class honours, minoring in international business as well as a diploma in Spanish. I'm fluent in Spanish, and have even ventured into entrepreneurship with my own business.

I have a passion for industrial design and am excited for the journey ahead. I look forward to representing The Designers Institute of NZ internationally.